Thursday 11 November 2010


I should have got this blog up and running when Pedigree Dogs Exposed was first broadcast in August 2008. Guess I hoped there wouldn't be a need... And anyway, I fully expected to have moved on to pastures new by now...

It is now more than two years since PDE. I could never have guessed that the film's subject would have turned into such an ongoing passion. But passion it is, along with running Black Retriever X Rescue and living with my own dogs - trying not to count but there appears to be at least seven of 'em at the moment, plus two fosters.

Inherited disorders and welfare issues related to conformation effect millions of dogs all over the world and much of the problem is due to an antiquated breeding paradigm promoted by a kennel club system founded in England and exported to more than 100 countries. The price is paid by the dogs who suffer unnecessarily and by their owners seduced by a certain look unaware of the welfare cost that often comes with it. This blog will be highlighting continuing problems and also celebrating progress on the road to ensuring that all dogs are born to live happy and healthy lives - so if you have news, good or bad, that needs to be out there.... let me know.


  1. You sure have my Support , is that the Kiss of Death !!!!My Breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They Suffer from Syringomyelia a Neurological Problem, where it is Claimed that their Brains are too Big for their Skulls, and MVD a Heart Condition, which the Experts say 50% of them at 5-6 years of age will have a Heart Murmur. At a Recent CKCS CLUB ,the Cardiologist said that this figure is No Better than it was 18 years ago.In 1983 the CKCS CLUB CARDIOLOGIST carried out Heart Surveys at Cavalier Shows ,and warned the Cavalier Breeders that the MVD Problem was Wide-Spread and Very Serious. In the 1940's and 1950's it was known about the Heart Trouble in the Cavalier Breed,is this the Reason why there is no Improvement in their Heart Trouble, there are now so Many Cavalier Carriers around in to-day's Cavaliers.Bet Hargreaves

  2. Margaret Sierakowski, Dalriach16 November 2010 at 11:30

    Good to have you back in action again! Honest journalism and a breath of fresh air in the world of dog breeding. No mythology, no bullshit , no blindness, but a willingness to ask informed questions about dog breeding that deserve some honest answers

  3. Jemima - I think you have started something that may - just may - halt the over breeding and horrendous level of destruction and cruelty experienced in the dog world today. I am a volunteer in rescue work, and run a small charity. We deal with dogs on death row in pounds.

    The over production of dogs breaks your heart - we are just a small group trying to stop a huge leak in a bucket - sadly - the water spilling out is the blood from the thousands of animals being killed quietly every day of the week, every week of the year.

    Ever since I saw your program I have hoped that someone like yourself would take up the problem of sheer over breeding - and the ultimate destruction of our friends.

    Please - can anybody help them. Will anyone take a look in the pounds to see these pityful faces before they are killed - who have done no wrong other than be breed by the wrong person, at the wrong time with the wrong parentage.

  4. Jemima,
    I have been following in your work for a few years now and can aplud you enough. But i cant help find it sad that this 'exposure' has to go on.
    I belive it will be a never ending battle for these cruel and ruthless breeders to stop and think about what they are doing.
    However do belive the view of the general public is changing. We see it 1st hand with the bulldogs we have, whether it be the comments when people meet them, or the enquiry's & emails we receive. In general a large majority of people are now aware of the problems associated with pedigree dogs; most due to your program - You are making a difference keep going.

    Kind regards
    Lonsdale Bulldogs.