Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Now THAT's better!

Was sent this video this morning, of a Neo at a previous Discover Dogs - at Crufts earlier this year.

Eyes not great but, nevertheless.. amazing huh? (Comparatively.) But is it really a Neo? I asked my Neo contact. And here is the rather depressing reply: "This I believe is the dog of the Neapolitan Mastiff Club Secretary (who owns the Midlands-accent speaking in the video talking about how the club are against the excessive skin folds etc...).

"Most club members would frown on the dog in the video and not class it as a Neapolitan Mastiff.  It certainly wouldn't win anything in the ring.  As to whether it is a full-bred Neapolitan Mastiff - who knows?  However, if you asked a breeder/club member, they would say no."

Thought might be too good to be true.

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  1. Are there not more 'moderate' lines of Neos out there? I find that is often the case with other breeds -- that there are small pockets of 'dog fancy pariahs' who breed not to the show standard but a more functional one.