Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Aw... ain't that sweet?

The pro-KC, pro-show paper Our Dogs doesn't normally have anything nice to say about me. Indeed, one of its columnists, Robert Killick, wrote not so very long ago that if there were only two women left on the planet after a nuclear bomb - me and his daughter - and if it was encumbent on him to ensure the human race lived on, that he would rather have sex with his daughter.

Yep, he really wrote that.

Bizarrely, it was in an article having a pop at me for asking, in Pedigree Dogs Exposed,  the Kennel Club Chairman if he would have sex with his daughter.

They've referred to that again on Our Dogs' Facebook site this week. "She asked the Chairman of the Kennel Club whether he would have sex with his daughter, when she had been killed in a road accident," writes someone called Jonathan Rich.

I had no idea that Ronnie's daughter had died so tragically - and I didn't find out until after the film aired. If I had known, I would have phrased the question differently.  However, the point I was making at the time was, of course, that such close matings are, in the main, undesirable genetically whatever the species, and yet dog breeders seem oblivious to it. There is a little more awareness now, thank goodness - and, following the outcry after Pedigree Dogs Exposed, the KC no longer registers the progeny of first-degree relative matings, and never mind that the KC said it was for "PR reasons only".

Anyway, this week, Our Dogs has been a bit nicer than usual. Sort of.

Of course, the truth is that it is Our Dogs making it all about me.


  1. Jemima you are like Prometheus, but instead of fire, you have given us mere mortals Truth - and this has angered the false gods of dogdom. They do not seem to want anyone to know the truth about dog breeding.

  2. I feel sorry for Mr Killick's daughter, that comment he made is probally painful and embarrassing for her. I hope she is old enough that she is married and now has a different last name so that she doesn't blush when people mention "father", or that, at least, she is out of school, because the girl bullies could really use that line against her. It is fine to argue about dogs, but not okay to bring your children into the arguement.

  3. I've just started following your blog (from a link by Beverly Cuddy), and are finding it great, informative and interesting. One very sad thing that has stood out for me is the level of hatred of the pro-KC'ers. I know there will always be a divide, and each side will always have differing views (until someone disbands the KC at least), but I am shocked at just how childish, petty and downright rude pro-KC people seem to be. But, as we all know, those who know they are in the wrong are the ones who shout the loudest. Jemima you are doing a fabulous job and you have a lot of support out there.