Thursday, 18 November 2010

Clumber at Discover Dogs

This Clumber Spaniel was on the breed stand at Discover Dogs last weekend.  Ouch.

The modern show Clumber is too heavy, too fleshy, it overheats, over 40 per cent of them are delivered by C-Section and no real gundog could survive with eyes like this (or indeed would ever be bred from). What were they thinking of when they took this dog to Earl's Court to put on a stand as an example of the breed?

There is a group of enthusiastis trying to preserve the Clumber as a working dog and it's no great surprise that the working Clumbers are lighter, more nimble, have much better eyes and can do running on a warm day. 

The breed will never replace a working cocker or springer - or sprocker. But you've got to admire them for trying.


  1. Is it just me or is the skin around the clumber's eyes in photo 1 is raw?

  2. There are those who say that it will take more time to breed dogs to the new standards of health, but right here you have the proof that more fit dogs exist along side the mutant dogs. Change the standards, and welcome the fitter, healthier dogs into the ring, and let the suffering dogs rest at home, or go on short walks in mild times of the day.

  3. The debate I've seen on Clumbers is the ones that are used for the field have been selected for a more nimble body than the original dogs have.

    The same argument has been made about field Labradors in the US, which are very lithe animals indeed.

    Clumbers have an interesting history. When Edward VII abdicated, one story goes the dogs that the Clumbers at Sandringham were destroyed. There's another side that they were given out to other shooting enthusiasts.

    George V loved shooting and he loved his gun dogs. Not only did have Clumbers, but he had a "yellow Russian retriever" (golden retriever) that was given to him by Col. William Le Poer Trench.

  4. About 15 years ago I called a Clumber breeder in California about possibly getting a puppy from her, and after listening to her 30 minute lecture regarding the anal problems that are rampant in the breed, I was no longer interested in owning one. I'm sure she thought she had done her job protecting her breed. LOL

  5. That working Clumber is a beautiful dog.

    Working type breeders don't intend on breeding a dog to replace the working Springer or Cocker. The Clumber has a unique build and unique working style that fits a specific niche in field work that neither the Springer or Cocker can fulfill. If I'm working a dog in cover that's too thick, I want a heavier, slower moving dog that can work through that cover, which is why the heavier spaniel breeds (Clumber, Sussex, and Field Spaniel) were developed.