Monday 21 March 2016

LEAKED LETTER: KC downplays Crufts furore to members

It's been a grim Crufts for the Kennel Club - with the scandal over that German Shepherd  and that Pekingese continuing to reverberate in the UK and abroad.

But, in a letter sent to to  Kennel Club members last week, KC Chairman Simon Luxmoore describes this year's show as a "quite marvellous event". He also refers to the fuss as "one or two breed specific issues" and insists that he "neither overheard nor received a negative comment" as he walked round the show.

Now, of course there are good things about Crufts. (In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it's all good - other than what Luxmoore describes as "our shop floor" - the breed rings.) And I can understand the KC wanting to put a positive spin on things. But did Luxmoore even stop to think how the cursory dismissal of the worst PR the KC has received since Pedigree Dogs Exposed would look when this letter leaked, as it surely would?

The letter in full.

Dear Fellow Member 

I thought it appropriate to give you a brief update on a number of issues prior to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 17th May. 

Firstly, I would like to reflect on Crufts 2016 which, barring one or two 'breed specific' issues, which will be addressed by the Board in the coming weeks, I believe was a quite marvellous event with many highlights, and expertly delivered by both Gerald King and Vanessa McAlpine, and their respective teams. With over 160,000 visitors and a peak television viewing audience of almost three million people, more than in any previous year, I felt that the NEC staff, our press and media teams performed with great credit. 

We enjoyed a very successful 'royal' visit on Saturday, 12th March and I can report that our President, Prince Michael of Kent, in the company of Princess Michael, thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent with us. 

Everyone who participated will have their own highlights but I wanted to share my top three with you. Together with my wife, Pauline, we attended the Junior Handling Association's International dinner prior to the competition the following day. At this dinner, each of the 45 competitors from 45 different countries took the microphone and spoke about themselves, their pride and pleasure in being at Crufts and wished each other the very best of luck in the competition – “eye watering”, I can assure you. Secondly, the sight of 9 year old Lauren Bridges on taking Group 4 in the Pastoral Group with her Samoyed and then marching forward to congratulate those in front of her was memorable. I would suggest these two events themselves give us great hope for the future. Thirdly, the many 'activity' events which adorn the arena, the YKC arena, and elsewhere for what seems like an eternity, cannot go unmentioned. Whilst 'Pudsey's' win in the medium-sized dog agility championship brought me special pleasure, there was a host of other top level competition which was not only mouth-watering in its content but ran like clockwork. 
Last but not least, on the many miles I walked around the rings 'our shop floor' over the four days, I neither overheard nor received a negative comment. Everyone appeared very upbeat and we should all seek to build on this. 

Beyond Crufts, I am delighted to report that the Kennel Club has 'exchanged and completed' on the Aylesbury property project and 'exchanged' with a view to near term 'completion' on the Emblehope property project. The Chepstow project is progressing and will be presented to the members via the Board at an appropriate time. 

The working parties are progressing and the Governance working party, supported by the Board, is set to make a number of proposals to the membership at the AGM. It is proposed that this working party will continue its work in the months to come with a renewed agenda aimed at advancing both the business and 'sporting' sides of Kennel Club activity. 

The Communications working party continues to 'move things forward' on the back of consultation and review through 'focus groups' and you will be updated on progress at the AGM. Likewise, the 'Crossbreeds' working party is making slower but steady progress on a range of issues, and again you will be briefed in May. 

We had advised you at our November meeting that we would be bringing proposals to the membership in May regarding a possible revision to our membership structure in the context of 'out of town membership'. I can advise you that these proposals will not be brought forward at the May meeting but deferred for discussion later in 2016 since the Board considered that every effort should be focussed by the members on the proposed Governance changes. 

I do hope that as many Members as possible will be able to attend the AGM and in the meantime, enjoy the Spring!


  1. From “eye watering” to "mouth-watering" my eyes glazed over.

    1. He meant his eyes were watering for boredom.

  2. Sorry KC, trying to shine a pile of shit with talk about Jr Handlers and everyone having fun doesnt offset the climate of apathy and torture youve created, that reverberate all over the country and affect hundreds of thousands of crippled caricatures formerly known as dogs... you know, dogs that you claim to love. This is what youre doing to them, all of t hem, dozens of breeds, thousands of animals, suffer and die for no other reason than you cant get your head out of the sand long enough to focus on the real issues. Which, btw, are not smiling faces and making sure the lock on your closet door is secure. People are paying attention, in europe, the americas, asia, australia. And we arent happy with what we are seeing.

    1. Sadly Luxmoore has highlighted exactly why pedigree dogs are in danger with the KC as caretakers. The whole point of Crufts is to do with competition of dog loving people comparing their dogs with one another. NOT Royal visits, Junior handling competitions, flyball, whatever blah blah. So dogs, no comment about what and how they are going to address and stop the over exaggeration of breeds of dogs to destruction, but before which, those dogs have to live painful lives with the disabilities thrust on them to achieve the "look". The "look" to beat the next dog by standing out because it has narrower nostrils, shorter back, screw tail, low hindquarters, excessive coat. Luxmoore and Kisko make an unparalleled team in their casual observation of just one or two dogs that caused a bit of a problem at the show. REALLY LUXMOORE, really. I expect the AGM will be another "hail fellow well met", "foot licking", like for like people all patting their back, with your encouragement, on how well everything is going. Nobody probably did speak to you at Crufts because they probably didn't know who you were, bet you didn't do a pop up "ask me questions I'm the chairman of the KC and I have the power to instigate change" but you wouldn't lower yourself so low would you Luxmoore - hmm? Like the exhibitors who show for eg "frog" type GSDs, you really don't seem to care. Mr Luxmoore should may be called LAX MOORE, in so far as his he couldn't be any MOORE LAX in regard to the deplorable site the whole world witnessed at 2016 Crufts.

  3. And even more thousands die because of the activities of puppy farmers both here and abroad who don't have the slightest regard for health or how closely they breed, and the feckless breeding countless bullbreed, husky types etc. which end up being unwanted teenagers. I am totally with you with regard to closed gene pools and the fact that some breeds, whoever has bred them, are not fit for the sort of life every dog should have. But however much you villify the 'show' breeders of Pugs, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs etc. it does'nt stop the general public seeming to have an insatiable appetite for buying them. No market - no dogs. The one breed where i think it is a case of show v rest of us is the GSD, where almost all the dogs you meet in the park are not of the roach backed type because that's not what people out here want. I've seen countless photos and video clips of friends and fb friends dogs competing at Crufts in both breed and activities and, yes they did have a good show with their much loved pets first. The KC need to do a hell of a lot more but if they were no longer there it's unlikely things would get better if left to breed clubs with no regulation.

  4. What's with the inverted commas round 'royal' - Meeeeooooowww! I thought the KC was supposed to be doggy, not catty! Perhaps they don't regard some members of the Royal Family as being sufficiently line-bred?

  5. Proof the KC is about spin, marketing and their own revenue streams, not real concern about dogs and their welfare.

  6. You're now being man-managed by a cyborg. Eventually people will realise that.

  7. Simon Luxmoore’s letter is a perfect example of why he and the management team of the KC are not ‘fit for purpose’. He has spectacularly failed to acknowledge the scale of change needed, both within the Kennel Club and breed clubs, and it’s obvious he’s not capable of managing the change required.
    Stop polishing the turd Simon, give it a good smell and wake up to the size and scale of the pile of shit you have created.

  8. IN Australia the good breeders are voting with their feet - leaving the KC in favour of the pet dog breeders association or master breeders association. Long may it continue.....