Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Terrierman hangs up his blogging boots

For the past five years, Pat Burns' Terrierman blog has been compelling reading. He is, depending on your view, either a bold, sharp and provocative read for everyone interested in dogs, or an arrogant, opiniated sod who can be breathtakingly rude.

Yesterday, Patrick annnounced that he is moving on to pastures new. He is wrapping up his trail-blazing blog - he says maybe not permanently, but I fear this is a sop to devotees like me who are gutted that he's hanging up his blogging boots; akin to a jilting lover trying to dump you gently by saying they just need a bit of break. Honestly, it felt like a death in the family when I read the news this morning. Patrick's brilliant  Inbred Thinking, written in May 2006, is a seminal work and was one of the main triggers for my own dog reform journey. But there is very much more than this to treasure on his blog archive which I hope will be preserved. If you haven't already discovered him, get over there now.

Behind the scenes and from across the Pond, Patrick has also been an inspiration and motivator personally. He's made me laugh, often, and more than once made me wince with some sharp observation or (mostly deserved) criticism. I have learned a great deal from him.

I am looking forward to meeting him and his dogs for the first time in April when I go to a conference in Washington where I have been asked to speak on what's happened since Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

In the meantime... Pat Burns - thank you.You will be missed.

In tribute to the Terrierman who has a much stricter Comments policy than me, no anonymous comments allowed on this one... If you want to praise - or be rude - stand up and put your name to it.


  1. Sometimes cruel and rude, always knowledgeable, clever and witty.
    Patrick Burns, your blog will certainly be missed.

  2. I will miss Patrick, his blog is in my faves
    Very funny sometimes and always infornative
    Dont go Patrick

  3. There was a sticking point or two on which all that could be done was agree to disagree...or I could just shut up and not argue, since it WAS his blog anyway! Otherwise, I have met few others who could say so much with so little words, or use the knowledge of experience and research to gun down personal opinion, or the ones who just use the "Well, I think..." retorts.

    But it really does leave a rather large hole in my list of daily reads. He's got one of those blogs that, IMHO, would go very well bound and in print.

    To say that he'll be missed on my end, is an understatement.

  4. I've been reading Terrierman for years and I've recommended him to countless friends. In fact I have a link to his blog on my website! I will miss him very much!!

  5. Does this mean that his contributions to other publications will also cease. I have followed his comments on this and Dogs Today blog, together with his writing for the magazine itself.

    While many feel that his approach is blunt and insulting, you have to actually read what is printed, not what you think he means. There is no grey area. Have I always agreed with him, no (especially tail docking) but that would be un-natural. I look forward to reading his article each month in Dogs Today and whatever else, it makes you think. The ten steps in looking for a new dog and investigation of whether some breeds are too far to save - just two examples of a brilliant read. I love that he can make you swear and laugh in the same paragraph.

    Emma Culling

  6. B L U N T about sums him up!

  7. The best and most comprehensive collection of information on working terriers ever compiled and made public.
    Jonathan Setter

  8. Thank Dog he's gone! Rude, sensationalistic, misleading, censoring ... I could go on.

  9. Great news!! I thought Hitler was dead until I encountered Burn's blog. The man's a total bigot - If you disagree with him you are barred from his site. He has no idea about intellectual honesty.

  10. I hope he is taking time off to write a book.A big scathing report about inbreeding and non functonial dogs

  11. I've loved reading Terrierman and agree with absolutely all of these comments above! LO

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Terrierman is on the spectrum, somewhere probably tending towards Aspergers.

    His blog a very good vehicle for making himself heard but the side affects those of other peoples opinions truly unbearably annoying for him.

    Informative often, tunnel vision always. Perhaps appropriate for an old earth dog.