Friday, 14 January 2011

Caveat emptor...

Cherry eye... don't worry, it's 'normal'
Was forwarded this link to an internet puppy-selling site in Canada... which reassuringly offers a lifetime guarantee,  including against genetic disorders.  A closer examination, though, reveals that it includes some amazing get-out clauses and conditions.  It does not, for instance, cover heart murmurs, invertebral disc disease or luxating patellas and..."You must follow PUREBRED BREEDERS, LLC recommended nutritional program, including feeding only premium dog foods and vitamin supplement listed in the paperwork that we give you at the time of purchase. You must retain all receipts for food and vitamins to show you are abiding by this guarantee."

But the wording that most caught my eye was this:

"English Bulldogs are only covered for a period of one (1) year from original purchase date. During which time, this guarantee does not cover what in Bulldog breeds we consider normal: Cherry Eye, Entropion, "loose hips", skin allergies, elongated soft palate, small trachea, stenotic nares."



  1. Wow that was one worthless guarantee.

    Again, wow.

  2. That guarantee is really a guarantee for the seller only. This part really slayed me:

    An administrative fee of $495.00 (USD) shall be retained by the Seller should the Buyer decide to cancel anytime prior to shipping. This fee is to reimburse the Seller for out-of-pocket expenses and overhead costs associated with the transaction.

  3. I guess you and the person who sent you this, didn't check out the breeder registration link? Note it asks for "state". Generally in Canada it is listed as Province. From this website, I'd say it's a good bet it is U.S. crafted.

    Shameful the lies puppymills will tell.

  4. Disgusting .
    And by insisting their buyers add vitamins ( to what I assume will be a complete dog food) they may be making the genetic illnesses such as hip displacia already in their puppies worse.

  5. Also they are selling Cavaliers and they don't cover heart murmurs OR patellar luxation. AND they demand that you return your dog in order to get a new puppy from there are so many stipulations which if not followed make the guarantee null and void. I would be shocked if it has ever come into play except to protect the seller.

    It seems like there should be some way to shut down people like this. It's an online puppy mill.

  6. What surprises me is that anyone would be ignorant enough to buy a puppy from sites like this in the first place!

  7. is owned, which is registered through a proxy so you can't identify the owner through whois. A quick search for complaints will get you this:

    And this:


    came across this site on facebook , they where getting lots of praise for "cashpot" looks.

    I'm not even sure how a dog ends up that shape

  9. Just a lot of legal backtalk to get people to THINK they are getting a better guarantee than they the woman who bought her beagle from a puppy mill and wanted to know why she couldn't show it in the breed ring.

    They take advantage of people who don't know enough to know better.

  10. And they expect you to keep the receipt for EVERY bag of dog food your dog ever eats.