Wednesday 12 August 2015

Purina feels the heat

Nicked from Purina's Facebook page this morning...Other than making me itch in a grammarly kind of way, I thought it could be improved.


  1. the shorter the snout, the more important to get the reproductive organs out so we can put a stop to the practice of purposely producing horribly deformed animals.

    1. Seeing the lab and pug facing each other like that only highlights just how deformed dogs like pugs really are. It's not just a breed; it's a syndrome. Ditto for some new kinds of cats. Imagine breeding humans whose faces were that radically different from most humans. It would be considered gross child abuse. And yet the vast majority of people just accept that brachycephalics just are the way they are, adding, "Remember: don't let them get too hot." Yeah, that's because they're victims of horribly inhumane breeding practices. We have to care for the one's already born, but people should not breed more. What's it gonna take to get people to either outcross these poor creatures, or just let them go extinct?

  2. Or..The shorter the snout, the more (decent people) are bummed out.

    Or.. The shorter the snouts, the more (breeders) are louts.

    1. We are looking at the demise of a species in its natural environment. With Man.

      Without accepting a responsibility for environmenal needs and demands, and keeping the environment "healthy" any "purpose" for the lost. It looses value TO its environment.

      Along side Man.

      Biophysics. We need to change that antagognistic rule.

  3. If you want to change the culture that can produce such genetic misfits, then its the culture you need to tackle.

    No amount of K.C rule change can do that, unless it still supports the culture already written into the rules and constitution.

    The rules and constitution set the direction and the culture CAN ONLY develope in the direction set out. Its like a genetic blue print for the culture, and will reflect that more and more over time, as well as influencing the culture out side of the K.Cs .

    Biophysics tells us that a culture which has ruled against its environment will see its own environment as antagognistic and destroys it over time. It does not recognise its own environment, and so can not respond to it effectively.

    It also tells us that life is defined by response- an ability to respond to your environment. A population that does not recognise its own environment, or does not respond to it, does not take response ability for it, so SERVES NO PURPOSE in its environment.

    Its how we respond to our world that decides our purpose, or lack of.

    If cultural change is needed, we need to go back to the blue print for the K.Cs.

    The rule that Members not breed out side of the K.Cs protocols is the ruling that set the K.Cs on their own course independent of the environment that supports them.
    It brings the demise of dogs in society through promotion of an ideal that disregards an environment for dogs out side of the K.Cs themselves, and no responsibility for dogs outside the K.Cs.
    The K.Cs can NOT effectively meet the needs of an environment deemed antagonistic to their own goals.
    Nor can they allow those needs to be met out side of their own membership, without striking out at who ever tries.

    Biophysics has the answers for those who are willing to look for them beyond their own imediate reality.

    Responsibility to the species is lost through the K.Cs constitution and rules.