Monday 11 March 2013

Wrinkle, wrinkle little star

Crufts Best of Breed 2013

©onEdition 2013

Crufts Best of Breed 2010

© The Kennel Club
This year's Shar Pei BOB is a much more moderate dog than the UK and American champion who was was all the rage in 2010. Another improvement - although still some way to go before they resemble the original "bonemouth" Shar-pei (below).


  1. I don't think so. Except for the tail, both dogs looks exactly the same. The 2010 dog has her head thrown back a little, exaggerating the wrinkles. I'd like to see a picture of the 2013 BOB facing the camera.

    Aside from the Mastiff & the Basset showing some improvement, there were a lot of dogs that should have failed. What do you think of the Clumber that passed this year?

    1. The 2013 dog looks lighter and leggier to me, without a cord of skin along its underside. Not sure if it has less or the same amount of meat on its chops.
      Of course, it's horse-coated while the other dog is brush-coated, so the wrinkles do not show up in such high contrast or with added volume.

      That bitch on the bottom is one of my favorite shar peis, sometimes I google "shar pei" just to fawn over her.

    2. Yeah, because throwing your head back a little with give that many wrinkles......

    3. I take that back. I saw a head shot of this years winner. Much better in the face.

    4. Karen, could you post a link to a picture? Thanks.

    5. A little late on the reply. The picture is here on Flickr

  2. Honestly not seeing that much of a difference between the two, though you can't really see the eye on the 2013 one. The 2010 one seems to be a bit stockier and have a thicker neck, but there really isn't much of a difference in excess skin between the two.

  3. Annie Macfarlane11 March 2013 at 10:15

    Saw this dog in the Group ring and he's a lovely dog...not at all exaggerated. I personally don't think that the problem with Shar Pei lies with show's more a problem with the BYBs that breed cute little wrinkly puppies. Of course just because any Shar Pei doesnt have a multitude of wrinkles...doesnt mean it won't have health problems...and yet no health test recommendations laid down by the breed club...not even hips! Very sad in this day and age...all dogs should have basic health screening as its one way to separate the decent breeders from the BYBs. Of course that doesnt stop the breeder actually doing the health tests prior to breeding....