Saturday 9 March 2013

Crufts 1927

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This is British Pathe's earliest clip of Crufts - from 1927.  Have a look at the Great Danes. I grew up with Danes that looked pretty similar to this - lighter, more athletic, more moderate dogs than anything you see in the ring today with their bigger ear, exaggerated flews and - often - very loose eyes. This dog was photographed at Crufts last year.

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  1. I own two Danes, and have owned a total of three. We got one from a breeder who did scent work, but none of her dogs were CKC or AKC registered, because she didn't breed for show quality or colours. None of her dogs had cropped ears, many of her pups went to be service dogs who needed dogs for standing support. Our rescues were 'show style'. Loose eyes, large floppy ears, oversized paws, bulky heads, poor hips. Lucy, from the scent work breeder is a blue merle, already a colour fault, and is built shorter and leaner with tight eyes and proportional paws and ears, she has been started on nose work, but excels at Agility. I definitely prefer her build to the 'show type'.