Sunday, 31 July 2011

"Don't let the buggers win!"

Astonishing it took so long, really, but this morning Facebook disabled* [see edit below]  the "Stop the BBC Making Another PDE" site where, since it set up a few weeks ago, its members have been flinging unsubstantiated - and very often defamatory - allegations at all and sundry they think are "anti-pedigree".

The news was posted by the site's leader, poodle breeder Mike Davidsohn, on his Napoleon Web Ring Facebook site about an hour ago.

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Davidsohn appears to be operating under the illusion that there are dark forces at work behind the scenes plotting to stop their right to protest. But a right to protest does not include the right to post unfettered, careless vitriol.

I am sure there have been many complaints to Facebook - and I would guess that the final straw will have been complaints from the commercial breeders of designer dogs that yesterday they named and accused of being puppy-farmers. 

There was a prune of the more offensive posts after I highlighted them here, but after a few days of trying to behave themselves, it descended once more into an ugly bitch-fest.

They're nattering about how terribly unfair it all is here.

Edit 11/8/2011: Facebook has now confirmed that it was a technical glitch that resulted in the site disappearing, not the numerous complaints it has received about its content.


  1. Seriously? Facebook has nothing better to do than censor a bunch of dog fanciers' bitch fest?

    I may think they are a bunch of whinging little pissants, but they have every right to be whinging pissants.

    Besides, it's bloody useful to have all the sniping gathered in one place for entertainment purposes.

  2. So others cant say what they think but you can? yet you have and will take the BBC money (our license fees) to make your opinion the only one to get broadcast, well as there were over 2,000 on that group perhaps the BBC (or more likely you who complained)will think twice about what real dog folk can do when they unite.

  3. You said " But a right to protest does not include the right to post unfettered, careless vitriol."
    So what was Pedigree Dogs Exposed then ?
    I firmly believe these people on the group had a point even if it was not well made.

  4. Here's the deal, Anon.

    The reason this site is up and running and the probable reason the Facebook site is not is because I make an effort to remain within the law - to make sure that if I make a specific charge about a person or a dog that it is true. That doesn't mean I don't make the odd mistake - we all do. But if I find out I am wrong, I will act quickly to correct it.

    I also allow most comments through - because I think the debate is important, and because I am perfectly happy to have my opinion challenged, for people to hear alternative views and then to make up their own mind.

    The Facebook site, however, has been spewing out some awful stuff; anyone who dares question anything there has been chucked off; it offers no redress on the site and even when the administrators have been informed that a post or document is wrong (to the point of blatant defamation), they have failed to correct or remove it. OHence, partly, why I have had to put up a "Myths Busted" section here.

    I have no problem with the FB site in principle - probably less so than most right-thinking dog breeders who must have cringed at some of the material on there.

    As Heather says, it's been a source of bemused entertainment more than anything else - and if it has been disabled because of complaints, I assure you it's not because of any I made.


  5. Anibel Rethcel31 July 2011 at 20:40

    What are commercial breeders if they are not puppy farmers ?
    Designer dogs are bred for money making enterprises as are the puppies bred by puppy farmers. I think they are one and the same.


  6. "behave themselves"?? LOL now that is funny coming from this list where allegations and accusations are more the norm than not

  7. Charles B - PDE was an expose in the tradition of many others - care homes/MPs expenses/FIFA etc. Yep, it focused on what we felt needed exposing; yep it didn't spend much time on the things that are OK. That's because after three years research we felt the situation was just so serious that it warranted the approach we took.

    Many people and organisations involved in dog health and welfare agree with us - while others (mainly dog breeders) don't. This is a legitimate point of debate. Of course I don't agree with those that felt PDE was unfair/biased/sensationalist, but I support - absolutely - anyone's right to a different opinion and if they feel strongly then of course they should make those feelings known - on FB, forums, to the BBC etc. It just needs to be done with a bit of decorum. The nastiness was unnecessary and counterproductive.

    On the new forum they've set up, I see they are blaming Beverley Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today, for the site coming down - as if Beverley didn't have a right to complain given the truly hideous comments some were making there about her there.

    They need to change tack if they want to make their case. No one is going to take them seriously otherwise - particularly the BBC.


  8. Jemima it was a virus that took out the 'stop the BBC' forum and many others besides - nothing to do with complaints.

  9. Anonymous said...
    "Jemima it was a virus that took out the 'stop the BBC' forum and many others besides - nothing to do with complaints"

    Whatever the reason, I for one am glad it's gone. Something of this nature reflects very poorly indeed on those who have contributed some of the more outrageous/offensive posts.

    I will say it again and again until it gets through - this is not the way to convince anyone that a second PDE isn't required - quite the opposite in fact!!!

  10. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! the site is back up so all those thousands of peopel who know just what you are like can have their say.

  11. 'sfunny, the Facebook group seems to have lost 3,500 members recently. What gives?