Sunday 7 August 2016

Best book ever on pedigree dogs - available in the UK this week

Buy it on Amazon here.


For a taster, check out this piece by Brandow for Dogs Today Magazine - he's a very sharp and witty writer.

The reviews:

'An essential and incredibly well documented read for those who want to know more about how we have strongly, selfishly and negatively affected the awesome beings whom many call their BFF, the very beings who depend on us to have their best interests in heart and mind. Agree or not, Mr. Brandow's book is a serious, significant and most timely message that deserves a global audience. It really is that good' 
Marc Bekoff, Huffington Post

'A must-read for all dog lovers' 

'An often biting social critique of people, their dogs, and the world they have made for each other' Mark Derr, author of How the Dog Became the Dog

'A no-holds-barred defense of dogs that are the hapless victims of their clueless owners' 

'Brandow not only unearths the status-driven history of so-called 'purebreds' but exhorts us to love all dogs regardless of breed' 
Betsy Banks Saul, founder of

'Incredibly important... a delightful read with fascinating insights into the history and psychology of the purebred-dog world' 
Alan M. Beck, ScD, professor and director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond, Purdue University

'If you're considering welcoming a dog (or two) into your family, read Michael Brandow's fascinating and eye-opening book... A dog is a living, loving creature, not an accessory item, and Brandow makes his case persuasively and with wit.' 
Betsy Banks Saul, founder of

'Brandow's A Matter of Breeding is at once a keenly observed memoir of his days as a New York City dog walker, a thoroughly researched history of purebred dogs, and an often biting social critique of people, their dogs, and the world they have made for each other.' 
Mark Derr, author of How the Dog Became the Dog


  1. Yep, it's a good one. Hopefully with folks like Michael Brandow on the job, more people will understand just how harmful pure and extreme breeding are.

  2. I do wish the author had given some credit, some acknowledgement, to those dedicated breeders who are doing their best to breed sound, healthy dogs with proper temperament, ability, and longevity.

    1. First it must be recognized that the breeders in the spotlight are talking the talk but not walking the walk. Only once they have been discredited, can the actual good breeders be spotlighted. Right now if you tried to point them out the mindless public says "they dont look right".

  3. One of the best books of its kind I have ever read. Michael Brandow gives a very wide historical view of the origins and rise of the present day show dog culture. He is brilliant.

  4. I'm reading it now. There's a lot of knowledge, and I generally agree with the argument, but I'm not sure I can handle 250 pages of "biting" parade of mutants rhetoric.