Friday, 14 June 2013

Jilly's Jolly Fraud

Jilly... and not Jilly... Click to enlarge

Four days ago, the 2013 Crufts Winner Jilly (Ch Soletrader Peek A Boo) set off from the NEC at Birmingham on a 130 mile walk to the Kennel Club in London. This afternoon, owner Gavin and the three-year-old Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen arrived at their destination to much applause.

"Jilly's Jolly Jaunt" is being hailed as a triumph for pedigree dogs... proof positive that they are more than just a pretty face. The event is also raising money for charity with £27,000 raised so far.

But I can reveal that they have cheated.

Owner Gavin Robertson has walked the whole walk and has the blisters to prove it. All credit to him for that.

But Crufts' winner Jilly has not.

For much of the walk, they've used a ringer, while precious Jilly has been quietly transported in a van.

The event has trumpeted the fact that a showdog is capable of walking the distance.

Jilly's owner Gavin Robertson told the Kennel Club recently: "I am so proud of Jilly for winning Crufts and wanted to use the profile that her win gave us to do something for deserving causes. Outside of the show ring Jilly is such an active dog, so I know she'll have no problem walking 130 miles."

The Kennel Club too has sung the event's praises: "We are so proud of Gavin and Jilly for undertaking this challenge and for raising money for good causes, including the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.The dogs that compete at Crufts have to be in great shape so she will be well-prepared for this challenge." 

The fraud was spotted by a photographer on the Stoke Hammond leg of the walk.

"Everyone was waiting for Gavin and the team to arrive at the Three Locks Pub at Stoke Hammond," he says. "They were all waiting outside the pub. But I had parked in the canal car park on the other side of the road and as I walked out of it I saw a blue van parked up the road. The door was open and outside on the blind side of the van there was a dog on a lead that I thought looked like Jilly.

"To be honest, I didn't think much of it. It was only later when I looked at the pictures that I and others had taken along the route that I realised they were using a ringer. The dog Gavin Robertson is walking in many of the photographs is clearly not Jilly.

"I think it's a real shame. No one would really have minded if they'd been more upfront about it - the walk is in aid of three worthy charities and over 30 miles a day is a lot for any dog. But this is cheating."

The two top left pictures on this montage are of the real three-year-old Jilly, showing her markings on both sides. The other pictures have been taken at various times during the walk and are on the event's Facebook page. They are clearly not Jilly, but nothing has been said to make that obvious.   The "double" is the same colour, but the markings are different. None of the pictures of the event show more than one Petit in the picture and the whole impression given is that Jilly herself has done the walk.

The event's Twitter feed too, explicitly mentions several times that it is the Crufts winner doing the 130-mile walk.

Astonishingly, no one seems to have noticed - or are keeping quiet about the ringer. Several people must be in on it. But then the show-world is and always has been more about appearance than reality.

"We are so proud of you Gavin - and all the others who walked with you, raising the profile of pedigree dogs in such a positive way," wrote dog-breeder Sheila Atter on the event's Facebook page, which is being followed all over the world. The comment echoes the views of many in the show world.

Jilly's walking companion, a top show Pointer called Flo (Sh Ch Ch Wilchrimane Ice Maiden), has also not walked the whole route. And yet photographs of the event featuring a completely different Pointer have captioned the dog as Flo.

The event has been sponsored or supported by Royal Canin, Agria, Holiday Inn and Tesco's, among others, and many dog-lovers have donated. It is in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children,  DogLost and the KC Charitable Trust. The money has been given in good faith and surely everyone must have thought that Jilly herself was doing the 130 mile walk given the official announcements.

When the walk was announced three months ago, I thought it was a great idea; an excellent bit of positive PR for pedigree dogs (see my previous post about the walk here). It was certainly a stark contrast to the 2012 winner, a Lhasa Apso called Elizabeth who never got to go for a walk for fear of ruining her show-winning coat.

Amelia and Gavin with the real Flo and the real Jilly outside the Kennel Club this afternoon

The walk has, of course, all been in a good cause in terms of the benefiting charities. But the revelation that Jilly's Jolly Jaunt is not what it seems will further tarnish the reputation of show dogs.

And if anyone believes it is reasonable because it would be unfair to expect any dog to walk 130 miles in four days, here's my offer:

If 50 or more people email me to agree to sponsor me to the tune of at least £10 each,  I will do exactly the same walk with my 10-yr-old GSD x Jake later this summer - all the way, definitely him, and I will also donate the money raised to Great Ormond St, Dog Lost and the KC Charitable Trust.

Jemima and Jake's Jolly Jaunt. 

Please add your pledge below - and make sure to email me privately so I can contact you:

The real Jake
Also the real Jake
Yep, this is him, too.


  1. ahaha, that is so ridiculous. The ringer is much longer legged that Jilly.

  2. I am SPONSOR ONE.

    Book me down, J. I will always back a walk.


  3. WHY? Why would they deliberately deceive people and risk being found out? Now I don't know if I would have noticed just from casually scrolling through photos on Facebook, but it is pretty dang obvious that that's not Jilly walking in those photos.

    To tout this walk as a demonstration of the fitness of show dogs too! Well, why wasn't Jilly the one walking the whole way? That is what I want to know!

  4. Are there really no limits to the depths to which you'll sink??? Shame on you for this blog. Undermining their superb work for charity?? If you try and walk a 10 yr old dog all that way, you need to be prosecuted by the RSPCA. You are the WORST thing that has ever happened to pedigree dogs.

    1. She is totally bashing their charitable intentions: "The walk has, of course, all been in a good cause in terms of the benefiting charities."

      And prosecution by the RSPCA? Then all those homeless folks with their own aging dogs in my city should be jailed and have their animals taken away too, because they walk at least 130 miles every month with their dogs faithfully leashed by their sides. Any dog in good health should be able to do it, especially with protective foot gear. And I honestly don't know how one can force such a large dog to keep walking if it decides enough is enough and lays down. Oh wait. Jemima practices evil magic. That's right. ;)

    2. They undermined themselves by deliberately misrepresenting the walk!

      I agree with Anon @ 23:21; a dog in good health *should* be able and willing to do it. My four year old sheltie/border collie cross would be more than able to! I have hiked in the badlands of Montana with him all day long - and he's still chasing birds by the end of it. I can play fetch with him nearly non-stop at the dog park for two hours (and he doesn't jog, he RUNS after the ball) and he's still up and ready for more. Our dogs' ancestors are designed by nature to travel 30+ miles a day roaming huge territories and hunting large game.

      What's the difference in your mind between walking the four year old, short-legged PBGV and 10-year old long-legged GSD x? The first one is perfectly acceptable yet the second represents animal cruelty?

    3. What an idiot you are anon 19:03

      A fit healthy dog is more than capable even at the age of 10! Not many sheepdogs are retired at 10 perhaps you should see what they can and do do in a day!

  5. $20 US here (ten pounds is about $16, I rounded up.)

  6. It was NEVER said that Jilly would walk the whole way!! The bottom line is they have raised thousands for charity and done a wonderful PR job for dogdom this week (you should try it!!). To try and belittle their effort is abhorrent.

    1. Really? From their Facebook page: "In June Gavin Robertson, Amelia Siddle & Jilly (Crufts Best in Show winner - CH Soletrader Peek a Boo) will be walking approx 130 miles from the NEC in Birmingham to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to raise money for both GOSH,DogLost charities and The KC Charitable Trust."

      I don't think that could be much clearer.

    2. I'll donate £15, and I will cheerfully walk a leg with you, and my little mutt who loves a good long yomp.

    3. Please email me too, Dan, so I can log who you are!

  7. And what point exactly are you trying to make ? This was a tremendous effort by a fabulous group of people to raise money for goods causes and to raise the profile of high profile and rare breeds. I'm nothing to do with the show world and I recognise a truly wonderful gesture when I see one. Shame on you.

  8. Normally I might agree with you, but this time you are so out of order. This was a great idea that benefited some really worthy causes. Far better to rest a tired dog for a little bit. I thought you were on the side of good animal welfare, but you really only want to make a name for yourself. Daily Star too up market for you ?

  9. Reminds me of the Great Bulldog Walking Race in which the poorly conformed champion defaulted:

  10. My question is why they didn't just walk her.

    The PR damage from this is so hysterical that I wouldn't have wanted to risk this ever becoming public.

    1. Funny thing is, if the dog was not capable for some reason, why not just say so?

      I'm fairly sure my IGs would be game to walk that far, but their pads are quite soft, even after years on the rocky ground here, and I wouldn't expect their pads to hold up. No shame in that.

    2. I knew Jilly wasn't doing the whole walk. This was to fend off cruelty complaints from people like you, because make no mistake, if she had done it that would be jemimas complaint. I have no doubt Jilly could have done the full walk off lead in soft ground, but on lead on towpaths? If you want to take the risk with your dog then make sure you have a vet ready for shredded pads! We are talking about 130 miles in 4 days not in a month. This woman has nothing good to say about dogs unless they are badly bred crossbreeds abandoned by their original owners.

      No issue with crossbreeds have owned a few. Shame on you for your negativity about people who have done nothing but good for these charities.

    3. Hang on- if they were doing it 'to fend off cruelty complaints' why say they did it anyway? That makes absolutely no sense. They're just as liable to be called 'cruel' because they're still claiming they did that.

      Or if the dog can't do it, why not admit that? They're the ones trumpeting this as an achievement. If they'd said 'this dog will be doing this leg of the trip, another dog will be doing that one' everyone would have gone 'Okay, fair enough, raising money for charity is good anyway.'It's not like anyone will say "I won't donate, because one dog should do it!"

      Or are booties too hard to use?

      They lied. And they went to a lot of trouble to support that lie, not for charity, but for themselves. This is ridiculous human egotism, nothing more.

  11. I want to know more about the dog that DID walk the whole way. Who is Jilly's stunt double? That dog should get a round of applause!

    1. Jem, I don't understand your reply. Maybe I'm thick this morning? Did Gavin walk part of the way without a hound? Or did a hound walk most of the way with him, but that hound just wasn't Jilly? Or was a series of different hounds walking with him?

      I guess the bottom line is that Gavin walked but Jilly took the bus.

    2. No single dog walked the whole way.

  12. I am laughing, laughing, laughing. "It was NEVER said that Jilly would walk the whole way!!" Oh God, please. That's a comedy act. This whole cock-up was supposed to be to prove that Kennel Club dogs were "fit for function". Get your T-shirts here >>

  13. I find it totally despicable that you are trying to dirty paw a fantastic achievement and big fundraiser for your own gain, as a pet dog owner being able to see some of the rare breeds on this walk was fabulous - I don't think anyone was expecting Jilly to walk the whole walk - 130 miles on man made surfaces (as most of the tow paths are) would rip a dogs pads to shreds - I sincerely hope that you do not attempt to try to prove a point and force your 10 year old dog to try and walk this distance in the same time span later in the year as this would be tantamount to animal cruelty

    1. Two words. Booties, and conditioning.

      If it was cruel, why did they say they would do it?

      They're the ones who trumpeted doing this, signed up to it, and then went to the trouble of lying about it. No-one held a gun to their heads and said "Go walk your dog 130 miles on man made substances!"It was their idea to sign up. And their idea to lie about it.

    2. @anon 22:56
      I find it despicable that you are trying to defend and ignore the devious attempt to undermine and ridicule such a prestigious cause. I don't believe people expected the act of dis-integrity from rude fraudulent claims to try and prove something they are not..I find you whole comment and fodder of folly to the point of nonsensical.

  14. To those of you complaining this isn't suitable for this blog:

    What could be more suitable? A supposed "hunting" breed wins Crufts, but isn't capable of walking as far as the dog's owner can walk? Isn't capable of walking what a bunch of other dogs walked? Hunting dogs should be able to cover a lot more ground than human non-athlete.

    I have done numerous 30+ mile/day walks with my past dogs, including an Australian Cattle Dog and a Parson Russell Terrier. We've walked in the USA, Costa Rica and Brazil--in both winter and summer weather.

    I would definitely agree that walking on pavement for 30 mile days can be hard on a dog's feet. However, boots with rubber soles are readily available. See for the type I use.

    1. The canal paths are a mix of manmade and natural surfaces - and most have grass alongside. Jake won't need to be on a lead for most of it so can opt to walk on the grass. Plus he routinely covers 15-20 miles a day on Salisbury Plain anyway. I do not anticipate any problems. The walk will be much tougher for me.

    2. Jem, you seem very unworried about the idea of a long walk with a dog.

      I know Britain doesn't have bears, rattle snakes, or mountain lions, but what about loose bully dogs, wolfish dog packs, and stray people?

      Do you feel safe, or like a hobbit plodding off to Mordor?

      It was once said that a virgin with a sack of gold could walk the length and breadth of Britain and never be in any danger of losing either of her treasures.

      But King Authur's era is past. I wouldn't recommend a walk to New York City. Maybe I'm just not as brave as I once was. How do you feel about the safety factor of walking a dog cross-country to London?

    3. No, not worried. Jake is a big dog and he has... presence. I walk the Kennet + Avon canal quite a bit on my own with the dogs (it passes 400m from our door). The walk would be in summer (prob early Sept) during daylight hours and I hope people will join me for parts of it.

    4. No single dog walked the whole way. says the blogger not one so what's the big whoop so another says "Isn't capable of walking what a bunch of other dogs walked?" so which is it.. some of the dogs walked the whole way or none of them?

  15. I sponsored one walker once when I was in the eight grade. She was a friend of mine and sat next to me in school.

    At first I refused to sponsor her because the amount would be more than my total allowance for two months. But a mutual friend of ours pointed out that the walker was the same girl who couldn't walk around the block without complaining, and so would only go one or two miles max.

    The day after her walk, this girl came back to school - not sore, not tired, and {most telling} not complaining a bit. She said she walked the whole 20 miles.

    I asked her about the walk, but she couldn't seem to say much except what a great breakfast her family had had after the walk.

    Catching her up with her own words, I got her to tell me the truth: Her mother dropped her off at the starting line, the girl went around the corner to where her mom and car were waiting, they all went to breakfast, then her mom dropped her off around the corner of the finish line.

    She wanted me to pay her for the whole 20 miles - in cash - so that she could donate it to charity.

    Last I heard she had a good job in Wahington D.C.

  16. I believe that Canada requires permanent I.D. in the show ring, but AKC still does not.

  17. Was looking at their facebook page and one entry from Wednesday says "Dogs are all good and are having regular time outs and body doubles doing stints too! Just the humans that are not fit for function"

    Body doubles? Like movie stars you don't want to risk getting hurt...

    1. I just found this post from Wednesday: "Dogs are all fine and have body doubles on stand by for them too ;)"

      Nobody has asked what they are talking about. It's rather ambiguous, and I'd love to know.

  18. Care to sponsor, by the mile, a fat old dog and a handler who likes a good breakfast?

  19. And I thought you were going to try to recreate the walk which would man with the dog on a lead as this walk was done - good luck in central London with an off lead dog - slightly different from free running a dog on the grass of the plains.

    Surely if you are going to try to prove a point then the circumstances must be the same - on lead / 5 consecutive days / 140 miles total

    1. While I agree that the circumstances should be the same in any good paired trial, the original walkers did not provide a set of variables that could be replicated given the unknown distance Jilly actually walked. Plus, if Jemima does this walk, her dog Jake could only possibly walk *more* off-leash than she does on a straight path.

  20. Jake is a beautiful dog. And he looks like he could go the whole walk.

    About the use of a ringer for the Crufts dog? That is just so bad that I don't know what to say except laugh.

    Fit For Function? Yes. Because what is the function of any show dog? It is to walk in a ring looking pretty, right? "Runway Dogs" is the term which comes to mind.

    Not judged on if they are good with kids. Not judged for walkies. Not judged for health.

    What could one expect?

  21. Lesson learned: if you are going to cheat, use a solid coloured dog, like an Irish Setter.

    Does anyone check for ringers in the ring, or is that why they are called "ringers"?

    Good scoop Jemima.

  22. Margaret Carter15 June 2013 at 00:39

    Typical show scene 'smoke and mirrors' scenario. How could they be so stupid?

    Such a shame. The intention was good and the owner deserves admiration for walking that distance but the Kennel Club PR spiel now appears designed to deceive.

    Whether the substitution of other PBGV was decided from the start or became necessary during the walk, the fact it was not openly acknowledged makes it a cynical attempt to fool onlookers and supporters.

    I'll sponsor you Jemima. I have no doubts about Jake's ability to walk the distance. I'm not so sure about you.

  23. Get on your walking shoes, sister! I'll throw in some bucks :)

  24. Why don't you do a sponsored parachute jump - preferably without the parachute

    1. Disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful response. Do you really mean what you have written?

    2. I thought it was quite funny. No need to be outraged on my behalf.

    3. Mmm, not sure I was outraged just on your part, one would hope that the world of dogs has a more decent, human, compassionate element in it than that displayed by anon 10:50. Funny - no Jemima, it could be read as a threat to you or other dog lovers and your/our well being, that is not funny, that is disgraceful for humanity overall. A threatening remark can quite easily convert into extremist behaviour, just look at the world today and it's alarming lack of humanity and compasssion, if we accept it as funny, then where do we go from here? what is to stop this blogger going to your home and taking his/her jibe further? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

  25. Sigh. That is just such a huge shame.

    I wonder if they'd been warned about Jilly being stolen whilst on the walk? Perhaps they started out with the intention of taking her, but were then advised not to, and by that time they'd advertised it as her?

    I'm not condoning what they did, but dog theft is rife at the moment.

    Another thought: I was advised by an ACPAT physio that extensive trotting on a hard pavement would eventually damage my whippet's joints. As Jilly is a small dog, a man's walking pace would be her trotting pace. I would therefore be confident in saying that trotting for 130 miles on a pavement, would be highly likely to damage the dog's joints. It looks like they walked on other paths, but from the photos, they do look like hard paths, rather than soft ground.

  26. Lord this is so unedifying. As fit as my dog is I would NEVER subject him to a potentially gruelling 80,000 step walk for four/ five days on the trot, just to prove a political point. Both polarised sides of this exchange are guilty of that and should be ashamed. As it turns out a lot of people had a great deal of fun raising funds for good causes that involved their dogs and families. As it turns out, presumably because no dog did actually walk the 130 miles none (AFAIK) got hurt doing this. As it turns out the vast majority want this very uplifting event to succeed. Ringers or no ringers. We all know that many pedigree dogs are not fit for function, but many are. There should be no need for people to feel so backed up against walls they subject their dog to a task like this just to prove the latter. There are many cross breeds fit for function and many that are not. Why on earth do you feel it necessary to subject Jake to such a task just to try and prove something? Please can we STOP using our dogs as political footballs and work these issues out a different way.

  27. Is cheating with dogs that rare? Or is it just the talking about the cheating, in public, which is rare?

    If one Crufts winner does this, then maybe it is a common thing to do?

    How common are ringers in show rings?

  28. Which dog is said to be the real Peek A Boo? Was the dog that went on the walk the real Peek A Boo, but the one in Crufts a ringer? Or was Peek A Boo the dog at Crufts but the dog who walked the ringer?

    I don't understand which is the real Peek A Boo. Are "Jilly" and "Peek A Boo" the same dog?

  29. My friends husband died, her daughter has CF, her son was due to be deployed to Afghanistan. Her CF daughter was in desperate need of a double lung transplant, Great Ormond Street wrote to son's CO advising sister would be dead within 10 days could his deployment be stopped as their father was already dead?

    Yes of course, soldier sat in GOSH with his teenage sister whilst she fought for breath and life, the day his regiment deployed lungs were found!!! She survived the surgery, has lungs that are at 66% functioning, brother did a tour of Afghanistan and is now home safe - 18 mths of a rollercoaster ending with mum suffering kidney cancer and a sudden death baby lost within the family.


    1. But how do you feel about the kennel club using the publicity which should be focused on the charity for their own gain ?
      I could understand if all this was about was a dog walking that distance .But they are using the fundraising to blow their own trumpet about pedigree dogs being perfectly healthy.
      Which I think is a pretty crappy thing to do

    2. anon 14:07 you just don;t get it do you? you are so dead set on demeaning the KC that you cannot see what this poster was trying to say SHE DOES NOT CARE about whether the dog did the walk she cares about the HUMAN BENEFIT as should all of you and stop whinging about nothing

    3. I'd happily support those causes, however this type of deception gives them a bad name and makes me think twice about parting with my money. I hate nothing more than being lied to and mislead.

    4. Thank you Anon 16:42 indeed I don't give a flying fig about the walk, the KC the dogs involved as long as no one/dog etc came to harm there is no problem in my world. The monies given by people supporting the walk were given FOR THE CHARITIES who indeed recieved them - where's the FRAUD? You're narrative said Dog x or y was doing a 130 mile walk over a few days, which as has already been said is a lot of hard ground on any dogs feet - even my working dogs who do 8 hrs days do 90% of it on grass or soft ground not towpaths and concrete.

      As a charity collector as long as the monies I collect go to the chairty I'm collecting for the charity commission are happy, as long as I have a letter from said charity to show if requested that their monies are for that charity again they're happy. It is fraud however IF I tell you I'm collecting and donating X amount for Y charity but fail to give them that % of funds I raised, many events have to change last minute, a celebraty is taken ill a replacement has to be found asap, petty minded folk get all bent out of shape - because for them its not about the charity!

  30. Jemima, If I were to undertake such a walk, my Irish wolfhound X Alaskan malamute, Grizzly would run to the other end and come back to ask me what was keeping me. Your Jake looks like he could do the same.
    The people praising the good done by GOSH are correct, but they're missing the point as far as this walk goes and its importance to the dog world. Put me down for $20.00. Where do i send the money?

    David Cunningham, Vermont, USA

  31. Jem, was your post a harold of things to come?

    Is someone starting a British version of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, but on foot, and obviously not in Alaska?

    The answer to one of the many dog questions which has been rattling around my head, came to me while I was thinking about your post. The answer is "on foot".

    I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, aren't I? But the answer ends up being much simpler than the question.

    I was thinking about the kindness, or lack there of, of taking a dog for a 130 mile walk [or is that km?]

    I thought about the Iditarod dog sled race which is about 1,049 miles long, over snow, ice, mountains - across Alaska, during the winter, with the dogs tied to and pulling a sled - all done while camping out at night in a tent that has to be carried in the sled during the day.

    It has been done in 8 days, but most teams take longer.

    The race has changed the very way the Alaskan Husky dogs look and behave. This is both good and bad.

    The husky dogs never did look like bulldogs or pekes, but now the Alaskan Husky dogs really really are bred for health and function. They are fit.

    This could be the answer the kennel club is looking for: make walkies a dog sport.

    But no sleds. The dogs must be walked by their handler!

    The Bed n Breakfast people near the paths will love it. The travel industry will love it. The dogs will love it.

    The dog rescue people can loan dogs to walkers and put the dogs reports online - Look how well Fido did on his walk, adopt Fido now.

    It brings travel money into Alaska every year. Britain does have nice paths, doesn't it?

    And who would want a dog that wasn't fit if The British Seaside Walkies was all the rage? Oh the people would get fit too and it would be fun.

    Lots of people would love to walk a leg of the race if they could take their dog AND find other people to walk with.

    I guess you could be the head of a revived sport Jem.

  32. Wonder if this something that should be brought to the attention of the local police? It's so beeping obvious when looking that it's not the same dog.

  33. Did they really believe no one would notice? The markings of the two dogs are so very different!

    Going for a 5-day hike with my dog in August myself. Put us down for 20Sfr.

  34. Jemima, put me down for a tenner.
    (I went and told my husband about this. He is never lost for words, but he almost was this time...)

  35. It was never said that Jilly would walk the whole way herself, from the start they said that the dogs would have 'body doubles'. While both Jilly and Flo would probably have no problems with that walk you have to ask if it's right to subject any dog to 30+ miles a day on a hard surface. I certainly would not want to see your 10 year old doing it :(


    If you watch the video on this page, at 4mins 30secs they clearly say that there will be body doubles for both Jilly and the pointer, it's just kinder not to ask any dog to walk such long distances every day for 5 days on a hard surface. Personally I think it would be cruelty to do this with your own elderly dog. (The video was posted on 26th April).

    1. And the most recent news, posted after the video mentions only Jilly walking. Doesn't that indicate the most up-to-date information? Where else are multiple dogs and doubles mentioned.

    2. So basically they did "exactly what it said on the tin", and if Jemima had done her research more fully she'd never have made such an ass of herself.

    3. "Where else are multiple dogs and doubles mentioned."

      Several places if you took the time to look..

      Wed 12th "Dogs are all good and are having regular time outs and body doubles doing stints too! Just the humans that are not fit for function"

      This entry in your blog is poorly researched at best.

  37. This is entirely shocking! shame, shame on Jilly.

    I happened to pop along to the event and even donated. I want a full refund.

    That said I really shouldn't be surprised, whilst there I saw the mysterious van, discreetly emblazoned in huge letters 'Jilly's Jolly Jaunt' lurking in the bushes.... I thought nothing of it at the time but there was Jilly In the back demanding that she would only eat yellow and red M&M's and all the other colours must be fed to the ringer! Poor ringer.

    I'm pretty sure that Jilly is one and the same as the reptilian shape shifting overlords from outer space that David Icke tells us about, deceiving us and the planet.

    Ok back to reality Jemima...

    Dog lovers do 130 mile charity walk, dog lovers own more than one dog (maybe the same breed, same colourish) and decide to let their other dogs have a walk too. Gavin, the rest of the walkers and dogs - Jilly, Flo plus so called 'ringers' - are obviously a fit, healthy and determined bunch and deserve all the praise the can get.

    What an absolutely absurd article. There has been no attempt to hide that other dogs would be walked 'see photos and facebook page.' This was about helping a good cause not the political sniping you engage in. Please go and tell the parents of a poor child at Great Ormond Street who this tremendous feat will help that their child shouldn't receive treating because sanctimonious idiots such as you would rather conspire.

    On your offer to do the 130 mile walk this summer for £500; you have the full amount from me, no problem. Jake looks fit and healthy but I would advise that 1) take a second dog to help out and that 2) you get in training.

    Good luck!

    1. Jemima,

      I hate to burst your bubble. There is a really good thing that has happened here however you are trying to twist this good deed for your own agenda.

      Maybe you should get your facts straight before making fraudulent accusations yourself.

      The following interview prior to the event proves you to be completely wide of the mark. Statements include:

      Interviewer: "So what dogs are coming along (doing the walk) with you?"

      Amelia Siddle: "I will bring Flo (a pointer) and her sister and split it between them. Gavin (Robertson) will obviously bring Jilly (PBGV) and a couple of others"

      Gavin Robertson: Both dogs are active - a gundog and a hound - they could do the whole stretch but its probably not fair as the weather might be hot, its June, so we will alternate them so that they can have a rest; maybe half a day or one day on, one day off."

      Anyway everyone do not take my word for it, and certainly don't take Jemima's . Watch the video yourself (4.25 onwards)

    2. Anon @ 17:09 - if you really meant that £500 sponsorship offer, please email me so I can put a name and contact details to the offer :

  38. GOSH Great Ormond Street Hospital sounds like a good charity - the more we post about Jilly and the ringer, the more attention the charity might get, so Jemima is doing more than her part in helping GOSH.

    And exposing this dog swapping helps bring attention to the problems in dog breeding and the need for change in the kc.

    So it is a win/win for everyone when we complain about the swap - except maybe for Jilly's people, but it's for charity, right?

    And maybe we should all go walking more? Didn't reading about the jaunt make you think about talking a little walk yourself?

    And maybe dog breeders should focus on breeding healthy, fit dogs who can walk with there human family. Or at least not claiming the dog is fit for function unless it is - and sine Jilly doesn't seem to have done the walk, we don't know if she can do it or not.

  39. Why should Jilly have all the fun?

    Why not let last years Crufts winning Lhasa 'hike' the trail too? Maybe a cocker could be the ringer.

    And Danny the Peke? Maybe a Finnish Spitz could hike the trail as Danny's ringer?

    Why do I get the feeling that nearly everyone would pretend not to notice that the Finnish Spitz wasn't Danny?

    And that if anyone was so bold as to point out that a Finnish Spitz could not be a Pekingese, that some people would get mad about someone stating the obvious?

  40. At the launch Gavin Robertson made the following statement which is available at the following link:
    Gavin says

    “..both dogs are active and could do the whole stretch but it’s probably not fair, during June the weather might be hot so we are going to alternate them so they can have a rest, maybe half a day or one day on one day off something like that”

    Yes again Jemima you are, at best, being disingenuous at worst lying.

    If I were you I would remove the word "FRAUD".

    If I were Gavin, I would use some of the £30,000 that he has raised and sue you. But he probably wont as he is a lot nicer person than me.

    1. Well done Anonymous - once again JH is trying to twist things to make herself look good. She is the FRAUD, Gavin and his team of walkers and dogs all did an amazing job and make me proud to be involved with Pedigree Dogs.

    2. Most people would not watch that video, Anon (as indeed I didn't). Most would just read the blurb on the page. And that blurb mentions nothing about Jilly sharing the honours. In fact, it hoes out of its way to suggest that Jilly is doing the whole walk:

      "Jilly and her owner, Gavin Robertson, are undertaking the 130 mile sponsored walk to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, DogLost and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, from Monday 10 June until Friday 14 June.

      "Walking with them is Amelia Siddle who won the Junior Warrant Finals at Crufts with pointer Flo, Sh Ch Wilchrimane Ice Maiden. A talented artist, she also produced have the artwork for jilly's jolly jaunt.

      "At each stage, Jilly will be joined by representatives of high profile and vulnerable breeds, and as they get near to London there will be some well-known faces appearing.

      "You can meet Jilly the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - the best-known dog of 2013 - along the route of the Grand Union Canal at the following towpath points. At the venues marked with an asterix, the local mayor or council chairman - along with members of DogLost – will be there to greet the walkers 15 minutes beforehand."

      Here's a pic of one of those venues meeting the Deputy Mayor of Dacoram. As you can see, it is not Jilly.

      The blurb on also says:

      "If you can’t make any of those spots, you can still join in with the walk because Jilly will be wearing a GPS collar from . You’ll be able to see where she is and how well she’s doing if you use JJJ as the username and password."

      And guess what? The retriever tracking map follows the canal, meaning the GPS collar was swapped from Jilly to the other PBGV - who, as I have now been told in a private email, is a bitch called Daisy.

      And you're accusing *me* of being disingenuous?

    3. Jemima, you forgot to mention that you were sent a photo of Jilly and Daisy sitting side by side in an official photograph clearly enjoying the walk. Hardly the actions of people involved in a cover-up.

      And I'm not sure how Touri the Fauve makes out as a 'stunt double.' Wrong size, wrong shape, wrong colour, wrong bloody sex.

      You're missing the point about the GPS collar. It was so that everyone could see where the walkers were.

      And as another contributor said, you're in danger of becoming another David Ike. And look where his TV career went.

    4. Thank you for sending me the pic and for identifying the other dog who did the walk as Daisy. I am unable to publish the picture you sent as you have expresssly forbidden me from posting it. As far as I can find it has not been posted anywhere on the JJJ FB page as I expressly searched for any picture showing more than one PBGV.

      As you may be aware, the walk and my post about it is being discussed at some length on the dog fora. Many posters are so convinced that Jilly herself was supposed to be doing the walk that they don't believe me.

      An official statement from the team would be helpful.

    5. A really good editor and the application of professional standards to this "journalism" would be even more helpful. This is not a scoop. There were plenty of photos that included 2 PGV and 2 pointers. Twitter feeds, by their structure mean shorthand is required. None of us that have supported the fundraiser feels duped. The Dog World interview made it clear the dogs would not necessarily be doing all the walk but the handlers would. They did. Each day those dogs had a lot of fun, the charities got excellent social media coverage and donations came pouring in. The jibe about David Ike should ring alarm bells for you, Jemima, because sadly it resonates with a kernel of truth. You need to take a break from your obsessive dislike of the show world. It is taking you down a path well away from any serious journalistic aspirations you may have once harboured. Honestly, think about it. I note that many/most who have pledged to sponsor you for your planned walk later in the year will be paying in dollars. I have observed for sometime that your support here mainly comes from the US, and often feel the "debates" are more about Brit bashing than any insight into the dog health debates.

    6. Hi anon 05:40, I watched the footage of the interview and Gavin does mention that the dogs may not do all of the walk, and the girl with the pointers does comment that she will take the litter sisters. What is unclear and ambiguous with the statements is that will all 3 dogs take part at one time, or are they stating that the 3 dogs will be alternated? I don't think that Gavin (I may have missed it) states that there will be 2 pbgvs, it appears to be just Jilly and the pointers, no other dogs involved except the "guests". The hardcore are the 2 pointers and 1 pbgv. Regrettably the whole episode has undermined the trust issues within the dogworld, the positive outcome being that a huge sum has been raised for the benefit of others. Not sure why, however, why the KC should benefit when they have huge financial resources, i.e. money, artworks, property any of which could be liquidated for the benefit of dogs, regardless of their background.

    7. I suggest you watch the fottage again. Gavin clearly says the dogs will be ALTERNATED!!!!!!!

      As for the KC , yes it is quite financially sound but a small part of this money was raised for the Kennel Club's charity which gives millions back to dogs

    8. I agree, but which dogs? As I said it is very ambiguous. The girl with the pointer states that she is taking the champion and her sister, Gavin doesn't actually say he is taking Jilly and a n other - does he? He just says that the dogs will be alternated, one could take the view he means, number one pointer, or number two pointer, or Jilly, this point needs clarification. The walk is called Jilly's Jolly Jaunt, consequently one would assume that only Jilly no other pbgv, plus Gavin, plus guests are doing the walk to raise funds for various charities. Someone else has commented that Gavin needs to clarify what actually happened and I personally agree that it would be helpful for everyone.

      Would you like to confirm that if the "KC charity which gives millions back to dogs " should need to accept a donation from this particular fund raising effort. If they were prepared to give up their works of art and property for a more humble set up they would be able give considerably more for the welfare of dogs.

    9. To Anon 05:40:

      Duh, the reason people get so many comments, and money, from America is because America is a big place with lots of people, most of whom speak and read English.

      Just glance at a map of America and one of Europe; see how big America is?

      With so many millions of Americans on the internet, of course, many comments will be from America. Get used to it, the world is going global.

      It is OK to like your own neighbors and countrymen more than Americans, but not OK to trash talk bloggers for posting comments from Americans.

      And slamming Jemima for accepting Dollars?

      If you need me to explain it to you: Getting dollars from America is good.

      Letting Americans donate money to UK charities is good. Do you think the suffering people and the dogs want you to tell Jemima to turn away dollars from America?

      Jemima's Walk money is going to the same charities that Jilly'J.J. went to right? What do you think is so wrong about Americans sending dollars?

      What do you think the tourist industry is about?

      And with donations, Jemima gets the dollars without the American tourists, which should make you happy.

      So what is your real complaint against Americans donating money to Jemima's walk?

      My real complaint is you implying that American commenters on Jemima's blog are into "Brit bashing" - a phrase which I have NEVER heard in America.

      If Americans mention anything British, it is almost always good.

      With older Americans, Britain is like a second Homeland. We love Britain and don't want you to change your beautiful country or your Brittish culture.

      That is why tourist usually come to Britain - they love everything British and want to spend their vacation being a small part of British culture for a few weeks. Is that so bad?

      And younger Americans have mostly grown up on Harry Potter, which they just love, and are more encultured with it and other British films and tv than what they are encultured with American themes.

      I often read online British news, and I feel at home with it.

      Americans are not into "Brit bashing".

      And many Americans do read British reports, news, and blogs for information about dog health. The new British information on dog health is well though of and often quoted in speech and on the internet.

      Allies may not be exactly the same as you, but they are your allies. And many or most Americans view Britain like a sibling country.

      Jemima has international standing in the dog world. Not everyone agrees with her, her ability to honestly tell the obvious truth has upset some people, but many know about pedigree dogs exposed, and the concepts which it shows.

    10. Excellent blog, thank you, this attitude of carving up our societies, our country, our world is ludicrous, I think anon 5.40 should review his/her statement and realise that the content is obnoxious and totally unwarranted. A dog lover is a dog lover wherever they were born/live. The world is now worldwide 5.40 join us, you may enjoy it. By the way I'm Australian and live in Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What would you make of that? oh and I absolutely love my dogs here, there and everywhere.......... I am not undermining Gavin's attempt and success to realise a huge amount of money but I don't like the possibility of misrepresentation of what the walk was all about. A dog that went BIS at Crufts 2013 and her owner/handler were going to undertake a 130mile Jilly's Jolly Jaunt, otherwise appears to have occurred.

  41. Margaret Carter15 June 2013 at 19:11

    From a press release on the Kennel Club website, dated 31st May, ( after the Dog World video )

    Gavin Robertson.........."Outside of the show ring Jilly is such an active dog, so I know that she’ll have no problem walking 130 miles, but I am going to need an iron will and lots of energy food."

    Caroline Kisko........."The dogs that compete at Crufts have to be in great shape so she will be well prepared for this challenge,"

  42. *Yawn*

    If this is all you can find to nit pick about life then I suggest you start looking at the Worldwide news and focus your attentions there.

    1. I agree what a mundane life Mrs Puddleduck has...

  43. Add to above copy: the event's Twitter feed also explicitly mentions several times that it is Crufts winner Jilly doing the 130 mile walk:

  44. So if walking at 3 mph for 10 hours a day with frequent breaks is cruel for a dog, what to make of a smaller dog running 1100 miles?

    1. I remember reading that article! I was very impressed with the dog. they tried to carry the dog at some point in time but the dog insisted on walking next to them instead of in a basket. That is if I remember correctly

  45. Oh forgot to say, put me down for £10

  46. What a waste of a good opportunity to demonstrate that a pedigree dog can still be fit for a job. I pledge £20, ten from me and ten from my Min Poodle, who can outwalk me any day of the week, and routinely does 25 miles.

  47. To be fair, not many dogs can do such a trek without severe exhaustion. Humans are the exception in the animal world, with maybe only a few land animals surpassing us, when it comes to long-distance endurance runs. Its pure arrogance on their part for putting such a goal, knowing they can't fulfill it easily, and cheat for it, all for charity. Its actually quite ironic that a good goal is achieved by morally unsound tactics, but whatever gets the job done right? It happens more then people care to admit. Try to name one physical sport that hasn't had any confessions or reveals of steroid usage.... Yeah....

  48. I did the usual google search and headline read. If I had not read this post, the impression that I would have come away with would have been that Jilly was going to walk 130 miles, and then that she had completed the walk in only 4 days.

    You can't expect most people to research everything they read, searching for possible untruths.

    Maybe it depends on which site you read about the jaunt on. But the headlines should have said: Jilly and Her Friend Daisy Share a Long Walk. Or something like that, with both dogs names.

    I feel the information was misleading, maybe even lies, at least on some blurbs.

    We understand our world by two main paths: by our own experiences and by other people sharing information with us.

    Our experiences tell us that a 130 mile walk sounds hard. But then there is this frilly short legged show dog doing the walk in 4 days, so that misinformation disconfirms our own perceptions.

    When information from other people causes us to doubt our own ability to draw conclusions, we become open to mental confusion.

    It is called "gaslighting" from the old movie Gaslight".

    I believe that this might be one of the reasons why newcomers to the dog show world display more common sense than many of those who have been at it for years.

    It seems IMO to be as if all the little untruths being told and being accepted as fact, have lead some people who breed dogs to be unable to recognise things which are plainly before them.

    Unhealthy dogs. Dogs whose flat faces keep them from breathing normally. Dogs with legs so short their male parts drag in the grass. Why do some people see this every day, yet never see it?

    I believe it is because their brain has accepted the lies they hear instead of what their eyes plainly see.

    Being told lies can ruin your ability to understand the truth when you do hear it, or when reality is right in front of you.

    And what do we call it when a person doesn't understand reality? That is why people say that lies can make you crazy.

    In dog breeding, not being able to see the faults in your own dogs even when you can clearly see your dogs in front of you is called "kennel blindness".

    It has nothing to do with eyes or vision. It is about a subset of the mind filtering information, hiding it, before it reaches consciousness.

    It is denial of what one sees because it conflicts with what one has heard.

    This is what the new movement in dog breeding is trying to overcome.

    Qualzucht. Breeding pets to suffer because the persons have accepted the beliefs of a show culture over the reality in front of them, which other people can so clearly see and talk about.

    Because this fibbing and denial is the problem, it is important to talk about all the misinformation being told about dogs.

    1. Anon, you say "You can't expect most people to research everything they read, searching for possible untruths."

      Jemima is supposed to be a journalist, not 'most people'. Journalists, who like to think they're performing an important task of educating and infrming their readership, ARE supposed to research everything properly before they publish ...

    2. Mary:

      I am sure that many people read about Jilly and believed that she was walking 130 miles herself.

      I am glad that Jemima pointed out the ringer. Now if someone posts about the Crufts winner who trekked 130 miles, I will know that it isn't true.

      Perhaps Jilly's people should be upset that the media did not explain that Daisy or some other dog, would be rotated with Jilly.

      Or maybe the whole thing should have been clearer from the start.

      Perhaps a bone shaped baton to indicate that it was a relay race, where a kennel of dogs would take turns walking with their handler. That would have been good PR for them to show that their dogs got to go on summer hikes.

      Whoever or however the errors were made, a quick look at the news will show that people were misled.

      Jemima just pointed out to her readers that they might not have heard the truth.

      Isn't that what a journalist does?

  49. What if the media had reported that a Chihuahua walked 130 miles in 4 days?

    Or a fat 350 pound Neo mastiff had no problem walking the whole way?

    We might think our dogs terribly unable by comparison. Or we might expect our dachshund to make the same walk.

    Or we might start to believe that everything was fine with inbred dog breeding.

  50. I feel that if a person says that they are going to walk 130 miles, they shouldn't be planning to have someone else walk part of the way for them.

    Same with saying their dog is going to walk that far.

  51. Jilly's Jolly Jaunt from start to finish was built on the presumption that Jilly would walk the entire length. That was the sales job, the shiny bauble that caught people's attention and attracted them to the idea and garnished their support. This presumption is embodied in the title of the event.

    Just like in the criminal investigation world, if evidence is found to be obtained outside the legally prescribed ways and means, all the evidence is tainted. Tainted evidence is called 'fruit of the poisonous tree'.

    From Wikipedia; Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source of the evidence (the "tree") is tainted, then anything gained from it (the "fruit") is tainted as well.

    The idea that Jilly would walk the entire distance was what the campaign was built upon. That idea is the poisonous tree because it wasn't entirely truthful. Now all the branches are also dropping their poison fruit. The campaign creators only have themselves to blame for allowing the detail of dog swapping to go on unaddressed. There is no doubt that many used the idea of Jilly walking the entire distance to promote the event. It sounds really good until you start slipping around in the rotting fruit.

  52. The sad thing is that there are pedigree dogs that would be capable of such.
    Show Siberian Huskies that completed the iditarod:
    There was also AKC Alaskan Malamutes that ran the iditarod and some 100 mile-24 hour races.

    There are mutts that wouldn't be able to do the walk either. What is the point in this? For proving mutts are superior or something? Proving that dogs with short legs are suffering because they can't walk marathons? I bet you can take an Alaskan Husky and it wouldn't be able to walk that long in the summer either. It's not like most owners take their dogs on marathons.
    Walking 30 miles a day does not sound bad to me,it's more then a lot of humans could do and to me it means the dog isn't suffering.

    I already know dogs can go that distance:

  53. Should be shocking but.........

    I will sponsor you, I'd be happy to join you with my own show dog (retired we are no longer part of that fraternity). A fit healthy dog should easily be able to cope with 30miles per day, shame on Jillys owners and anyone else who was involved :-(

    1. Thank you... please email me so I have a name and contact details!

  54. they rotated the dogs so that they were rested. Each dog walked part of the day. It was a fantastic achievement and I don't think for one minute that any deceit was intended. Why can't people just see the good that was done. Would you walk your dog over 30 miles a day for 5 days on a tow path? I think not.

  55. Jemima, you are wrong and so out of order! No fraud at all!
    Gavin made it quite clear that as the days were split into several sections of the 5 or so miles,Jilly would not do every single section but he would still walk with another dog. And the same with Flo.

    This has been a Fantastic achievement, drawn up, organised in a very short time and there would have been lots of practicalities to take into consideration during the final preparations. Welfare of the dogs being a top priority!!

    Jilly is extremely fit, and I am sure quite capable of doing the complete daily mileage for 5 days... but not on a gritted towpath. And yes, they could have put her in boots for some of the sections but I can imagine your headlines then...'dog forced to wear boots on MOST of the walk unfit etc etc.' just as your quote above:
    " For much of the walk, they've used a ringer, while precious Jilly has been quietly transported in a van." when, in fact,the Truth is.. for MUCH of the walk they used Jilly!!

    Oh, and on the subject of the van....not a seedy little van for surreptitious smuggling of dogs in and you and your photographer friend implied..This van is a large support vehicle with Full signage and artwork for the event.Hardly hiding around any corner!!

    Your journalism has sunk to an all time low! Jilly has been a most fabulous Mascot for this charity fundraising event....why not own up and applaud it.?!!Shame on you!!

    1. So other than the video, where are the "clear details" that Jilly wasn't going to do the walk? I can't see it.

    2. to anon 14:27
      Jilly Did do the walk...just not every single 5 mile section!! what is wrong with you people?!!

  56. Be very happy to support you Jemima and pledge £10.00.
    Emailed you too.

  57. Jemima instead of leaching on the back of other people Stirling, selfless effort, why not make your own story. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Anonymous of 16/6 17:47

      She's a journalist, not a novellist...

  58. Will Gavin please tell how far Jilly herself walked?

    Nothing wrong about rotating dogs, but the media should be clear about it.

    If the future it might be best to bring two dogs to photo ops, just so there is no mistake.

    Or speak of the more famous dog as "Captain of the Walking Team", so it doesn't look as if one dog is hogging credit for it all.

  59. Jemima, if you ever feel like spending £50 on frivolities, and fancy getting Jake DNA tested, I'd be intrigued to know what was in the mix. :)

    1. We know his mum was a German Shepherd - the first couple who owned him got him as a puppy and met his mum. His father? Our guess is sighthound of some kind. Superb vision; eyeliner,very soft coat, very fast for his size and a scary-efficient dispatcher of rabbits. He's a lot narrower than a GSD.

      Dr John Burchard, when he visited from the States, absolutely fell in love with him and he's a saluki man.

      Have always meant to do the DNA test because I have never seen another dog like Jake. Maybe now's the time.

    2. Yes, you can see the sighthound in him, which was possibly a Saluki. I'd be interested to hear whether it was a first cross with a Saluki, a Saluki lurcher, or entirely different sighthound(s).

      Please let me know if/when you get the results. :)

    3. Just done the Wisdom panel on our mutt. We guessed terrier/collie mix based on behaviour analysis. Results suggested her patents were a Staffy mix crossed with a Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi/English Springer Cross. Explained the herding, confidence, prey drive, huntingand general dog arseiness anyway.....

      Fascinating process but I would like to see some evidence of known parentage examples being tested so Jemima's results will be interesting!

      Great work on the Jilly expose Jemima......I don't trust the KC. Well about as much as the CQC.....

  60. Oh for dogness sake, Jemima, if the dogs had done the full trip, you would have been the first to scream animal cruelty.

    As for you making your old dog do 130 miles forced walk over 4 days 30 + per day you ware the one preparing to abuse your dog. I do hope his hips, elbows, heart etc have all been screened before you start out(this I very much doubt)Haven't you got a younger flatcoat or Irish blackdog rescue you could do it with ?

    As for having him DNA tested-a waste of time, when they were setting uo the data base they were taking samples from various breeds & offering free DNA tests for dogs of unknown parentage. My working bred BC (submitted as a cross)came back as a Labrador/greyhound/staffie-just based I suspect on his looks-he isn't he is a smoothcoated BC who works(yes some really do)sheep for a daytime job & who closely resembles his DNA proven parents !!!

    1. I love how people assume so much.. If you look back, I praised Gavin for the idea of this walk and certainly did not use it as an opportunity to accuse him of cruelty because, frankly, I think any fit working-bred dog (and I would even include short-leggedPBGV in that group) should be able to do it.

      The cruelty would come if he didn't stop if the dog was in trouble. Same with me.

      As for my 10-yr-old crossbreed, he is extremely fit and *of course* I would have him vet-checked beforehand to confirm (as his last annual check did) that he has no arthritis (no, none at all) and a heart the vet confirmed as "V12". IF this is still true (the last check was almost a year ago so does need to be repeated), then he will be coming with me. If not, I will take a different dog. My younger collie x Tickle came with me and Jake on a 10-mile walk at the weekend and it was clear she found it extremely easy.

      The greatest danger to either of them is probably death from boredom. They are used to running miles on Salisbury Plain and both found the towpath-walking rather dull.


    2. KeeWee 2010

      Exactly what are you trying to prove here or do you just enjoy being deliberately unconstructive and belligerent?

      Regarding the DNA testing, why did you lie about your dog I wonder and confuse the issue? The phenotype of the dog depends on the genotype and the environment, therefore it's important to also look at behaviour aswell as looks when trying to assess an individual's dog likely parent hood. However, all dogs descend from the Village Dog, the mutt. Therefore, all breeds will share common genes and junk DNA but some breeds will have more notable ATGC patterns than others and this helps them define genetic markers. Your BC like it or not started out as a mutt back in it's genetic past!!

  61. Hang on a 'Sold' the walk as doing it with Jake!!............. Unbelievable!! ....

    1. Oh OK then. Even if he's dying, I'll drag him along.


    2. And... rather than waste your energy here, go have a look at the Wolves + Dogs post - a really fascinating, sensible and thoughtful discussion ongoing there on maintaining or improving genetic diversity in an isolated population and how that might apply to dogs.

  62. who gives a flying "F" if the press used Jilly as their sell point (public knows her, made a good head line). doesn't mean any one lied or tired to cover anything up and certainly doesn't mean a dang thing about a dogs "functionality". but it's obvious you missed ALL the facts (What a shocker....oh just kidding I mean "how typical") but CLEARLY "jolly Jemima liar for hire" is enjoying her "donations" and face time for something as important to the world of dogs as bread going bad. Please.... what a joke!! since when does a dog have to walk 130 miles to be considered functional?? ohh right.... since Jemima "said so". What a load of pucky! the only "disservice to purebreds" here is you. good lord....

  63. jemima so hates pedigree dogs she even begrudges them raising money for charity- in her blinkered view whatever jilly does will be wrong- if she walks its cruel to make her -but on the other hand a mongrel she asserts would walk ''better'' [with no health tests or x rays on its parents to check they are ok before breeding ] & if jilly doesent walk the whole distance then she is a ''cheat'' It is sad jemima is so obsessed with her own prejudices & getting herself portrayed as some sort of media ''saint'' & has such destructive attitudes towards pedigree dogs esp when the kennel club is spending hundreds of thousands of ££s on breed health research while mongrel breeders do no research & breed any unsuitable dogs together pretending the unpredictable mixture will somehow be ''better''

  64. the above annonymous is only so as unless got google acc cannot identify onself safely online